I'm Pete Wright, and I'm a storyteller.

Pete Wright Headshot.jpg

I help organizations understand their stories, and share them effectively through words and images online. 

My direct client work involves a blend of strategy, communication, and technology. I’ve been a freelance creative since 2007 and have worked with clients such as iovation, Health Net, Cadence, Teibel, Inc., the Cause Marketing Forum, and the Project Management Institute focusing on crafting messages that help to tell their stories using imagery, language, and design.

I’m a faculty member at Marylhurst University in communications teaching marketing, public relations, and popular culture.

I make photographs for fun and profit.

In 2011, I started my own personal crusade to post a new finished photo each day. These photos are typically from personal photo projects I take on each year, local and regional photowalks, or may be overshoots from client work. In any case, I find the act of sitting down and publishing something new each and every day forces me to get out of something else dumb, like bookkeeping or invoicing. Dumb stuff.

By in large all photos are free to use for non-commercial work, licensed through this site via Creative Commons. I license almost all my images for commercial use. To inquire, drop me a line.

The Podcasts

I've been podcasting for myself, and as the voice of my clients since 2006. My first podcast was Tuesday, Noon, a show dedicated to the voices of instructors at University of Phoenix, where I was then director of public relations. When I left the organization, that show evolved into a more generic talk format as Beer:30 Live! through 2009.

I host and produce shows that range from the popular Taking Control: The Organizing Podcast with Nikki Kinzer of Take Control Organizing, to The Naked Marketers with data marketing expert Dane Christensen. Finally, my personal passion, The Next Reel with producer Andy Nelson of Soda Creek Film, a casual platform for the two of us to discuss our favorite films over the years without the worry of being interrupted.

In 2011, I began expanding production and moving out of the host role with the addition of Cause Talk Radio, a joint production with the Cause Marketing Foundation and SelfishGiving.com. Each week Megan Strand of CMF and Joe Waters of SelfishGiving.com bring interviews and commentary on the current wave of cause efforts in the marketing and advertising industry. 

While not in active production, the project management focused Ask Cadence, change management Navigating Change, and music podcast Acoustic Conversations are still available for subscription and download in iTunes, or on Archive.org.

The Blog

This site has been my home on the web since 2001. It has evolved over the years to house thoughts and stories both personal and professional. Today, it is a place for me to test ideas and concepts, to stay connected with colleagues, and play. At any given moment, there’s a good chance 25% of the site is simply plum broken. Over the years, you may have found this site under the guise of damonwright.com, fifthandmain.com, fiveeyes.com, and petewright.co.

Today, when I'm writing, it's typically about technology, content strategy, or humor.

Tools & Technology


I shoot the Nikon D800, D3, and D7000, and have been a member of the Nikon family since the day the D3 launched, moving on from many years with Canon. I’ve been playing more and more with the limits of the iPhone 5s camera and rely on it daily for capturing inspiration and ideas for future work.

I use Adobe Photoshop Lightroom for 95% of my photography post-production workflow. While I occasionally crack open the full Photoshop package, most of what I do, I can do in LIghtroom, AutoPano Pro for panoramas, and Photomatix Pro for HDR post production.


Design & Media

I use Apple Macs for all my work and have been a full-time Mac user since 2002.

I use Logic Pro for audio production and drive remote recording sessions through Skype (recording through Ecamm's Call Recorder for Skype) and Google+ Hangouts (recording through ScreenFlow). Final media is currently served through SoundCloud in a beta partnership for the podcast network which, so far, is working well. Video hosting provided by YouTube and Vimeo Pro.

I use Coda, CSSEdit, and Acorn for additional coding and support.

RashPixel.com is hosted by Squarespace.




100% of my work is cataloged through OmniFocus from The Omni Group. In addition to OmniFocus, I'm a big fan of OmniPlan for project management, OmniOutliner for... well... outlining, and OmniGraffle for mapping. All of these apps have exquisite partner apps on the iPad, which I use extensively. I'm also a big fan of Evernote for knowledge management. I go on at some length about the wonders of Evernote in this edition of Taking Control.