More Changing Times in the Insurance Industry

This article points out some interesting over-thinking going on at State Farm. I just changed to AmFam because SF was preparing to gouge me handily on their rate-Trident. Now, it looks like I would have taken the shaft and gotten less, truly important coverage. I wonder how long it'll take me to get a claim processed if I get hit with, I don't know, Serin gas? Hopefully, they can get my money to me within the thirty or thirty-five seconds I have to live. From the article:

Bloomington-based State Farm is sending letters to its 40 million auto customers that it will stop covering losses related to: "a. nuclear reaction; b. radiation or radioactive contamination from any source; or c. the accidental or intentional detonation or release of radiation from any nuclear or radioactive device," according to the language read by spokesman Joe Johnson.