First Day Home Alone

Seriously, the hardest day I’ve had leaving the house since Sophie was born. This was the first day I left her all day with Jackie, our summer-sitter. Jackie is a sweatheart, no doubt about it, and I couldn’t imagine leaving her with anyone else right now, but she’s suddenly having some awful separation anxiety and has a nasty case of crocodile tears to go with it. I leave the house and you’d think the Titanic was dragging her under one last time — arms flailing and face contorted — the single saddest face ever made.

There was a time when she was into walking around, picking things up, putting them down, then walking some more. That has changed and put quite a damper on our shoe-wearing, tv-watching, and cooking. Now, she walks around, picks things up, walks around some more, then puts them down. Note the difference — it’s small, but critical — insomuch as we can no longer find one of two shoes, tv remotes, or cooking utensils. Most of the time, they end up in the large planter in the corner, covered in dirt.

Kira started school today. She’s doing really well, keeping her wits about her with all she has going on, but I have to admit, I’m looking forward to her being a full-time student. This is something we’ve been working toward for years — and the sooner she starts, the sooner she’s a speech pathologist. Her summer clinic teachers happen to be some of our best friends from church. It’s amusing to see them gearing up for summer, trying to put on the "professorial aire," looking tough, even though they’re about the softest, funniest people we know. It’s gonna be a long summer.