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Wow. This is sad. And magnificently confusing.

Press Release from: Vancouver Police Dept.


July 12th, 2003 5:32 PM

The Vancouver Police Department is continuing its investigation into the incident that took place eariler today on the 13000 block of SE Rivercrest Dr.

The police department has determined this was a murder/suicide. The deceased 19 year-old male victim was married to the 39 year-old female that was present at the house. Both parties resided together in that house. The other deceased, a 39 year-old male, was the ex-husband of the female who lived in Vancouver.

Due to the fact that immediate has not yet been notified, the Vancouver Police Department is with holding the names of the individuals at this time.

About 7:00 a.m. this morning, officers responded to the above location for a disturbance with a gun call. Officers arrived and heard shots being fired in the residence. A female and her 4 year-old son ran out of the house and into police custody. A male then exited the residence and confronted police with a semi-auto firearm. The suject then shot himself in the head, killing him instantly.

Contact Info: On duty PIO