Arnold outshoots the masses in publicity

So, according to CBSMarketwatch, the amount of free publicity Arnold has received to date is something along the lines of $40 million. I gotta tell you, I still don't really know what the guy stands for. From some, he's a closet right-winger who's more dangerous on his best days to abortion and gay rights than any of his republican counterparts. Then, I hear his "friends" like Martin Sheen call him a closet democrat who's playing a republican because that's what the party needs him to do to get him in the office. So, I'm reading and reading and all I hear is nonsense spewing from his mouth about taxes and how he hates getting taxed in CA for his lunch and his car, and that reigning in taxes should really do something special for the CA economy. But, and I'm being serious here, isn't the real root of the problem in CA that they have no money to begin with? How, pray tell, will cutting taxes help in that situation?

Welcome to Oregon, my friend, the land of the two-legged tax stool.