The Meaning of Life

Clearly, I’m on a “kid’s say the darndes things” kick. Acknowledged. Let’s move on to tonight’s tale.

Curt’s over for family dinner. We’re eating Yumm’s (cause they rock) and discussing how cool child development it. Sophie is talking about all the water we’re all drinking “… and Curt has water and mommy has some water and Sophie has water and so does Curt have some water…” etc.

Curt leans over and says to Sophie, “Sophie, what’s the meaning of life? What does it all mean?”

Sophie tilts her head to the side. She says “It means…” and holds us there, pregnant pause. I think she made eye contact with each of us in the span of about eight seconds. “It means… Curt’s house.”

So there we have it. Curt’s house is the meaning of life.