Mark Walsh on C-SPAN2

Unrelated points from a pannel discussion today broadcast on CSPAN-2 on "Diversity in Talk Radio."Mark Walsh (CEO of Air America Radio) and Tom Athans (Democracy Radio Executive Producer). Walsh said in distinct counterpoint that Howard Stern brings politics to public debate, bloggers are crazy, and then proceeded to say that Rush Limbaugh insults his audience.

Besides having a demonstrated grasp on public political broadcasting, he seems to have a great design on Air America, driving to take it the direction of NPR with their distributor relationships (through their affiliates) with Audible.com.

Al [Franken] is on from one to three -- who's to say that you shouldn't be able to take that show, put it on your iPod and listen to it on your way home from work. That's the kind of radio business we're going to be in.

Nice to see a guy with an eye for evolution of the business model. That he's had some trouble with a few key affiliates is duly noted; the voices they've put on the air are funny and irreverent and they fill a niche that the left has had trouble reaching: the left that loves the radio and loud voices, but need someone they agree to yell along to once in a while.