Evening at McCarran Airport

So, I'm here in Las vegas. You have to get the image here. There's a moving sidewalk that leads right into a funnel of double doors off of the A gates -- the passage narrows considerably, which shouldn't be a problem with normal traffic flow. But this is not normal traffic flow. This is post 9/11 traffic flow. Someone just found something terrifying in the big open area on the other side of the double doors and caused a lock-down. The doors shut automatically and this stream of people from the moving sidewalk just sort of... slammed into them. But they're like lemmings, these people. They didn't adjust like fluid and move around the moving sidewalk to the sides, back up the hallway. No, these people just dog-piled, letting their luggage and bodies just fall into one another. For five minutes this has been happening and it's not stopping...


OK, so it's stopped, the doors are open and no one knows what it was, just that it has to do with a security breach at the Burger King.

Say it again. A security breach at the Burger King.

That's rich.