Two Weeks in Chautauqua, NY

If you’ve never heard of Chautauqua, join the club. It’s one of the best kept intellectual destinations out there. Nestled against Lake Chautauqua in western NY, the annual Chautauqua instituation ranks as my A#1 spot for resting the spirit and engaging the mind.

The Institution is broken into a nine week series, each week focusing on a differnt subject area for exploration. I’ll be here for the first two weeks of the series. The first entitled “The Media & News: Applied Ethics; the second, “The Family: All of a Kind? All Different?” You can read more about the program for 2007 here.

I’ve been doing my usual searches through the blogosphere looking for others who might be blogging Chautauqua, and I’m surprised at the lack of traffic this place generates. I’ll try and pull some of the load here myself.

It’s 4:30 here now, however. There’s a light breeze gusting across our Victorian porch, and that screams “Wine:O’Clock”. Check back later for more!