New Dutch Reality TV Show: Winners Get to Live

Ratcheting up the bar another notch, a new Dutch show aims to sweep all other reality shows through a delightful revisioning of "21 Grams". From NineMSN:
In The Big Donor Show, which is set to air this Friday, a terminally ill cancer patient will select one of three patients to receive her kidneys.

Viewers will watch testimonials from the three Dutch contestants, aged between 18 and 40, and send in text message advice to the donor to help her decide who should receive the lifesaving operation.

In a massive surprise to the broadcaster, officials haven't thrown universal support around the concept. Some in the industry say it's because the losers actually die. Luckily, it's a hoax (thanks Curt!). From Reuters:
A Dutch reality show in which a supposedly dying woman had to pick one of three contestants to receive her kidneys was revealed as a hoax on Friday.

Identified only as "Lisa", the 37-year-old woman turned out to be a healthy actress but the three candidates were genuine kidney patients, details the show's producers revealed in the last minutes of the "The Big Donorshow".

Of note: The show aired. That it turns out the donor was an actress doesn't save the fact that this thing made it to TV in the first place.