Meeting at 2Plural/evive, and the Curse of Flash Websites

Had a meeting at a new agency today -- 2Plural/evive. I don't know what their name is, actually. The letterhead says evive, and looks cool as a palindrome, but the website is 2plural, as is the moniker on their cards. A bit of identity crisis there, about which I'm sure there is a good story.

On the flip side, Joe Klegseth (pres), Courtney LeBoeuf (account manager), and Stasia Brownell (project manager), appear to be quality people in a budding quality agency. If I was looking for agency marketing and branding assistance, this is a company looking to build and extend an already impressive reputation; I'd certainly give them a holler on the short list.

Check 'em out. And thanks for the coffee and snacks!

Massive Friggin' Annoyance Factor: All the niceties aside, why does every single marketing and branding agency have to lead with a completely bombastic Flash website? It's heavy, ostentatious, pretentious, and it completely gets in the way of the message you're trying to tell. 2Plural/evive is certainly not alone in this, they just come as the latest example of agentius adobus flashititus, an overwhelming need to prove to potential clients that you can deliver content in a medium that completely hides the fact that you have nothing of substance to say.

That, and if you try to visit the site in your iPhone, you're plum out of luck.