Facebook privacy settings, frogs, and scorpions


This is a picture of a scorpion embedded in plastic. I've had it for about 30 years -- grandmother gave it to me when I was a kid -- and I have since passed it on to my 7-year-old daughter. Because, you know, nothing says little girl like scorpion embedded in plastic.

I like this scorpion because it reminds me of just about every service provider relationship I have. In these relationships, predictably, I am the frog, and they are the scorpion. You know this story, right? From Wikipedia:
The story is about a scorpion asking a frog to carry him across a river. The frog is afraid of being stung, but the scorpion reassures him that if it stung the frog, the frog would sink and the scorpion would drown as well. The frog then agrees; nevertheless, in mid-river, the scorpion stings him, dooming the two of them. When asked why, the scorpion explains, "I'm a scorpion; it's my nature."

When I logged into Facebook this morning, the scorpion hit me in the face like the hot kiss at the end of a wet fist. New privacy settings. Terrific. Because Facebook has such a stellar reputation with managing privacy. Nothing could possibly go wrong here.