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So many cool things floating around the internet, I must have been hyped up on sneezing pandas when this most exquisite piece of work bubbled to the surface. It's "Panic Attack!" by Uraguayan filmmaker, Fede Alvarez. Head over here to watch it for yourself.

The news that surrounds this short film is interesting all alone: Alvarez has been signed to Sam Raimi's Ghost House Pictures to develop and deliver similarly themed freaky flicks. All I can think is "Cloverfield" -- which has A) already been made and B) was super-excellent. Too bad it's already been made. Still, the deal reportedly starts in the 6-figures with points if his films get made. All this after Alvarez made his YouTube opus on a reported budget of $300 (yeah, likely not including person hours in that budget, but whatever).

All of that is great for Alvarez, whose talent is deserving of a career in the field of moving images, however he ends up there. But it's not the point of this post.