Amazon sells more bit-books and dead tree books

I think it's fair to say that Amazon is a bellwether for things to come in the swirl of holiday purchases. This year's announcement that the company fulfilled more ebook sales than paper book sales seems like an appropriately big deal, even if it's guaranteed to give my mother-in-law palpitations.

Likely the biggest culprit at Amazon is the Kindle, and while we don't know how many were actually sold this year, Amazon says it was the highest-selling product in the company's history. It beat the iPod touch -- historically top-seller around the holidays. This is all well and good, but remember that Amazon is the only place you can buy the Kindle; clearly not the case with the iPod, or any other top sellers at Amazon.

Still, according to this, if you're not reading an ebook now, you will be soon. Prepare for the robot uprising, people.