Crushed by awesome – Twitter, Favorites, and the Internet Funny


Today, I'm using this bully pulpit to talk about a website you should not visit. It's called Tweeteorites.com, and briefly, it is a collection of the most favorited tweets in the past 24 hours.

Now, let's figure out all the wrong in that last sentence:

1) Favorited - this is a poor excuse for a word. No one who speaks to me in their outside voice would ever use this word for fear of me telling them how silly they sound using it. It is a bastardization of favorite which, to be honest, was just the result of the word favor trying to one-up meteor in 1969. And we all remember how that turned out, do we not.

2) Tweets - to get this one, you have to be either a) a bird, or b) a user of the service twitter.com. According to my analytics, most of you are the latter, and 90% of the former are using IE6, which I don't acknowledge.

3) 24 hours - As if there are actually that many hours in a day. Whatever.