“Goodbye, SpeakUp” celebrates seven years of great design dialog

It's sad to read posts like this. But it's important to take note when prolific bloggers close their sites. In an era when the vast majority of blogs now drop the intent of becoming a passionate user's publishing platform, and are now focused on this ethereal drive for monetization and traffic building and [good lord] microblogging, there comes a time when it's just too hard to keep pushing good content. I'm deeply saddened to see SpeakUp shutter, but completely understand the sentiment that drives the decision.

It’s just too demoralizing to see Speak Up not perform like it used to. And it never will again, because of the expectations I have put on it and the ones that you have all put on it. It’s just not the same. I really feel relieved that we are closing it. Its time has come. It served its purpose and it made its mark. Not many blogs can claim that and we are happy with what it’s done. Time to move on to other things.

Jump over and read the rest of the post, and browse the comments. Then read Byrony's goodbye, too. It's worth reading to remind us all the importance of good content and loyal readers. Good to see Armin and team has lots and lots to do to fill the days to come.