So, it was The Beatles

The Beatles come to Apple's iTunes

There's a great Billy Crystal bit where his daughter asks him, "Dad, is it true that Paul McCartney was in another group before Wings?" To which Crystal responds, "Come here and let me tell you about the God Damned Beatles."

Sooo... anyone hear what that great big iTunes announcement was this morning?

Turns out, it's MUCH less of an iTunes story than it is an EMI, Apple Corps, Yoko story. I certainly don't claim to know any more than the rest of the armchair punditry, but I think the story arc of my general emotional thread sums up the overall sentiment.

Me (01/08/2001): God. iTunes is revolutionary. If only there were the great box sets like the Stones. The Beatles. The Cure. I would totally buy those.

Me (2006): God. iTunes is great. Totally changes the way I listen to music. Now I find I don't have to listen to all the crappy tracks when all I want is the single. Color me liberated. I'd probably still buy the whole White Album... if it were available.

Me (2008): Huh. The music industry sure is tied in knots over this crap. Seven years and they still haven't figured out a damned thing. Maybe one day we'll have the Beatles.

Me (11/16/2010): Oh look. The Beatles. Meh. Wonder when Glee's going to do a Beatles knock-off episode?