On Incouraged.com: GiveBack makes giving brainless

A New Way for Consumers to Give | GiveBack: The People’s Foundation

To achieve this vision, GiveBack recruits businesses to offer percentage-of-sale donations that are unlocked upon consumer purchase. The donations go directly into the consumer’s foundation and the consumer maintains complete control over how, where and when their money is directed. In addition, 100% of the money goes directly to the selected charity.

Seems like a smart way to empower giving through complete brainlessness -- one of the things that's consistently in the way actually doing something good with your money in the first place.

I'd like to start a foundation. When I was singing in college I had this idea to donate a building to the music school that was perfect in every way, but instruments would not be allowed. I was, of course, an a cappella nerd. At the time, I thought this was funny.