Michael Piller's unpublished book on Star Trek Insurrection is floating around the net

"He might have read the document when he was tired, at the end of a long day of being tied to a whale." | MetaFilter

Patrick Stewart on one draft treatment of the script:

In the story I have been reading this weekend we are enmeshed in a context of Federation politics, fine interpretations of The Prime Directive and ancient history - as ancient as Star Trek - of conflict between two members of The Federation. In the middle of all this there is a vaguely defined, characterless, uninteresting civilization who seem to have attended too many performances of Siegfried and Roy. [..] what I have read would have hardly composed a moderately interesting episode somewhere in the middle of season five of TNG.

I've only skimmed the first bit of it, but if you're interested in screenwriting, this looks like a terrific insider-read. Plus, it's funky to be reading this book posthumously. It's like a love-letter to fans from Piller, frustrating to see the result that ended up on screen. Find the PDF of the text here: Fade In.

He seems like a pretty honest guy. From the introduction, page 6:

I was the writer from start to finish. ... Had it been any other circumstance, there's no question in my mind that, before the final draft was completed, I most certainly would have been fired.