Assange arrested, not for what most of the world wants him

WikiLeaks arrest: WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange arrested - latimes.com

Reporting from London — Julian Assange, the founder of the controversial WikiLeaks website, was arrested here Tuesday and ordered to remain in custody until a hearing next week on his possible extradition to Sweden, where he is wanted for questioning over allegations that he sexually assaulted two women.

Frustrating day for Diane Feinstein and Joe Lieberman for many reasons, but mostly because Henry Chu worked the word "lickspittle" into the piece, and that's enough to get your hackles up on its own.

Stephens has denounced Sweden as "one of the lickspittle states" that have kowtowed to American demands in the past, particularly by assisting in the controversial practice of "extraordinary rendition" of terrorism suspects.