Google Search Stories highlight your tale on the web

Wonderfully clever little tool here, this Google Search Story Creator. What's a search story? It's the story of your business as told through Google's search results. Simply enter search terms that are representative of your business or brand online and Google will craft a clever little commercial for you.
Whether it was a lifelong talent, a desire to be your own boss, or a great idea at 2 a.m. that kick-started your business, there’s a Search Story about your journey just waiting to be told. And with just five minutes, a keyboard and a mouse, you can create a video of your own!

They do a handy bit of lobbying in the email announcing the Search Story Creator:
In 2009, Google generated $54B in economic activity in the United States - one business at a time. See how Google helped small businesses in your state at www.google.com/economicimpact.

In looking at the Oregon economic impact, I see that "Google generated $512 million of economic activity for 29,000 Oregon businesses, website publishers and non-profits in 2009." Even better, the map linked me to this profile, highlighting Clive Coffee in Portland through a Google Doc whitepaper. This is a terrific use of absolutely free tools to get your stories out there into the broader web. From a data-enabled Google Map to a PDF in Google Docs, this company has done more to integrate small business communication tools for the masses for free than any other I can think of. If you're not taking advantage of all the ways you can tell your story in this space, find someone who can help you do it.

It serves as a funny reminder, if you stand back a bit, that so much of the story of our existence on the web is inextricably linked to Google's presentation of that story. Yes, it's a wide open web. But if your place in the wide open web doesn't exist in the Google sphere, you're not really taking part in the discussion, are you?

Think about that. In the meantime, here's my search story. Took me about three minutes.