Man versus Monkey in Thailand

Let's just say we're out to dinner. Maybe there are a bunch of people with us. I go into one of my charming "dinner scripts", which is great, until I've had a glass of wine too many and I have to break out the B or C-level material. That's when I might say this…

"You know, I used to live in Korea, right? And would watch a lot of local TV… long, hot afternoons and such. So, this one day, I turn on the Korean sports channel and I see this guy in a diaper racing a monkey up a tree to cut down coconuts."

Then there is silence. Cause people think I'm drunk, and they largely see this as another one of "Pete's tales of animal cruelty".

But that's not what it is this time, see? This time, it's real! And now I have proof! It's the annual Man Versus Monkey competition in Thailand!

So watch this thing, and get a load of just how terrific the audience reaction is—the old man is a complete celebrity.