Shows this week at Rash Pixel

Three new releases over on Rash Pixel this week.

the naked marketers—Ep 46: Megan Who?
Dane and I try to make sense of life without Megan, who quit us this week. She stuck it out with our inanity for 46 episodes over two years and finally could take it no more. Apparently, her shiny new role with the Cause Marketing Forum is just too compelling a mistress for us to compete anymore. She has such a great presence on these shows and while we both congratulate her on the change in her role and exciting opportunities ahead, she will be sorely missed for her good spirit, great humor, and unending patience. That, and she’s dead to us, of course.

Movies We Like—“When Harry Met Sally…”
Predictably, we love this movie. And so far, I think I can fairly say that this is a movie about which no one I have ever actually met has not loved as well. It’s the quiet funny kid… the kid that’s just too charming to pick on, even though every now and again he might eat a booger. It’s also our very special New Year episode, because of all the New Year redux scenes in it. It’s a theme thing. Seriously, go listen to this show and make sure to comment on Facebook to share your thoughts with me and Andy.

Taking Control—Ep 49: How to make an organizing goal
Finally Nikki gets to something that has bugged me for years: resolutions suck. They don’t actually deal with the positive change you want to achieve in your life, they deal with the things you invariably hate about yourself for some reason or another. Better to create goals, structure them as projects with milestones, and give yourself a plan to achieve them. Fine to use the New Year season to set some new goals and reset priorities, but once you get good at setting organizing goals, you’ll want to do this all year round.