Thomas Flight on Blade Runner 2049 Side-by-Side the Original

Blade Runner 2049 is my favorite film of last year. It's aged well, and for lovers of the original, it's practically a love story. This post from Thomas Flight is a celebration of the motifs Villeneuve and Roger Deakins applied to bring us a new story that feels so deeply rooted in the universe of Blade Runner

We did a breakdown on the film when it opened on The Next Reel Film Board last year.

"The Putter"

The Putter is a delightful short film by Shaun Bloodworth showcasing the work of Cliff Denton. Denton is a putter, or more fully, a putter togetherer — a man who puts together scissors by hand. Everything plays well in this film, from the light on the silver in these delicate close-ups to the mesmerizing music courtesy of The Black Dog. Take four minutes and learn something, then go buy a pair of these things from Ernest Wright & Son for about $68. 

Nick Carr scouts NY locations for "The Godfather" decades too late

This is a fun collection of locations from "The Godfather" from around New York City as they sit today. So many of these locations are like home to me, as many times as I've seen this film. Fun to walk down memory lane. Weird to see the old house with a minivan in front of it.