Vox interview Tristan Harris — "Phones are designed to be addicting."

No, it's not a surprise. But Harris (former Google design ethicist) outlines the three big things you can do to reduce your device's hold on your life.

  1. Turn off all non-human notifications
  2. Change your screen to grayscale (this is my favorite — never even occurred to me, but it's brilliant)
  3. Restrict your home screen to everyday tools

That last point is part of a housecleaning I do every few months and I recommend it. Take a few minutes to manually move all your apps to your second screen leaving only one app that you're sure you use every day. From there, each time you open your phone to perform a task, consider whether your frequency of performing that task requires the app to be first-screen accessible. Over a few days, you'll have all the apps you really use back on the home screen and likely have cleared a bunch of cruft in the process.