Building Your Brand Online: Chautauqua 2014

Welcome to Building Your Brand Online or How I learned to stop worrying and love the net course at Chautauqua Institution, this is your one stop shop for links and resources we discuss in class. Visit often, as it will continue to grow and evolve throughout the week!

If you’re not an attendee in this course, this page won’t make any sense to you at all.

Course Logistics

Location: Hultquist 201B
Schedule: Week 2, June 30–July 4 / M–F / 9 - 10:15 a.m.
Fees: 1 week (5 sessions) • $75

Pete Wright with Chautauqua's Jim Rosselle

Thinking about joining us for Building Your Brand? Check out this interview I did with Chautauqua's own Jim Rosselle to learn a little about my philosophy around online engagement!

Day 1

On day 1 of Building your Brand, we’ll talk about your website, share objectives of building our presence online, and discuss the overall role that your personal, professional, or organizational website serves at the center of your online universe.

Day 2

If you haven't addressed Google in your online brand strategy, well, then you simply don't have an online brand strategy! Google's role on the net and online advertising and promotion is indescribably vast, from its core advertising business and search, to its social platform, to the generous role Google plays in ongoing technology research, understanding the company will help you better understand your own business and how you relate online. 


Day 3

Facebook, at it’s core, is a tool for people to build reputation through education. Whether you are educating based on your experience in your trade, or sharing websites devoted to photo mash-ups of birds with human arms, you’re teaching your constituent audience about you and your place in the world. In spite of all the hoopla around Facebook as a platform, at it’s undiluted center,education is why Facebook exists.


Day 5

Day 5 is about bringing it all together. While we've been discussing each of the big online tools in the context of examples in each of our own work this week, today we're focusing just on you. I have no other agenda than to walk through each of your own sites and, leveraging our collective wisdom of the team, give you some direction for improving your own brand online.


Day 4

There are about 1,000 niche social tools. We’ve talked about the big dogs, Google and Facebook, but we can’t ignore the second string players, Twitter and (to a lesser degree) Pinterest. We’ll talk about those two platforms today.

Finally, we need to discuss putting all these pieces together. We’ll have a discussion of content and editorial strategy and give you some ideas on how to integrate your blog with all these competing social tools in your overall branding effort!