36 Madison Avenue at 25 Years

36 Madison Avenue at 25 Years - Pete Wright Photographer

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The Daily Photo today is a pretty marvelous milestone for me. I haven't been back to Drew in 20 years and have largely been disconnected from these yahoos in this, the first a cappella group with which I once cavorted, since the day I left. But somehow, magically, the current group of guys (and assorted recent alumni) managed to generate enough excitement and enthusiasm in reconnecting that brought a bunch of us out of the woodwork.

It was fantastic. To all the current MadAves, thanks for the hard work of putting on this weekend. To ye olde alumni, thanks for making it a spectacular way to remember where we came from. To the Drew team on hand that helped facilitate, thanks for helping the group put on a wonderful show for all of us, for making the campus available and open, and for picking up the tab for the food and booze. 

I spent the day shooting the campus, and the RenFest I'd largely forgotten, but turns out is hysterically cool, so more shots from my east coast adventure will be cropping up this week in the feed. As ever, thanks for taking the time to check out the shots.