This is the BOK Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and it gives me acronymical nightmares. BOK stands for Bank of Oklahoma, and it wasn't a thing the last time I was there. Now, there are these giant buildings and this ... this ... Center. So, there I am, trying my best to blend in and sound like a local and I break out, "Oh, yeah, that's right downtown by the Bok Center!"

Note, I said, "Bok". Not entirely dissimilar to what one might repeat if one were imitating a chicken. But that's not how the locals say it. To the locals you have to spell it out, "B-O-K Center".

Meh... we have these sorts of traps in Portland, too. Just try and pronounce "Tualatin" if you're not a local. But this one tripped me up enough times over my time in town that I'm half tempted on reflection to start a Kickstarter campaign to rebrand the B-O-K sytax to chicken-speak. You can use Kickstarter for that sort of thing, right?