Counting on a Break in the Weather

I took this portrait last year at a wedding of some mutual friends — this guy, actually.

I used to sing with the guy on the right, we've been friends for decades now. His boy (I have it on some authority) digs me, making the total count of people who think I'm super cool > 3. And his lovely wife? Let's just say my friend on the right there has vastly improved his calling by hitching his wagon to such awesomeness. 

We thought it would be cool to sneak out of the festivities for a spell and grab a family portrait because, you know, have-camera-will-shoot. But just as this bit of brilliance struck, so did hurricane force winds strike our West Palm Beach balcony. We got a bunch of pretty good shots, and a whole bunch of silly ones. Such is the windy day impromptu photoshoot. 

The last year has been hard on these amazing people. That sucks. It's even worse trying to be part of a support system from far away. And so I offer this as a reminder that weather comes and goes, but the laughter lasts. Even on bad hair days.