Sure there's something I'm forgetting

Let's review why we go to college: Glorified Sleep-away Camp. Sure, there are people who go to study and figure out what to do with their lives, but for the most part, if you're of college age and you're going away to school, you'll quickly discover the wondrous curse that is dorm life. 

When I was back on campus for this last reunion trip east, I made this photo. It's been on my photographic bucket list for about 20 years, as it's very similar to one that Drew has used in their marketing materials for just as long. It's great for parents, and illustrates the loving and warm foliage sure to embrace their youngster in their first journey away from home. 

It's also the path that leads right past the (former) University Center, and the restaurant that sits inside it. And the loading dock sitting ready for 4 AM deliveries of hot dog and hamburger buns. Buns. Every day. 

Now, in the spirit of keeping some cards close to my chest, specifically those cards related to why a student like myself would be walking this particular path at 4 AM any given day, I'll leave it at this: thank you, Drew, for the mysterious bun stash that made its way into Hoyt dormitory. You were a kind and gracious institutional host, and those of us under your wing never fell short our daily complex carbohydrates.