Sweet Something

I worked hard for this photo. I'm not kidding. Me, laying down in the wet grass, making these sounds that you only know you're capable of once you take up photography. You're a monkey, first, which people can do, generally, but to muster the begging monkey, the one that's a little squeaky and squints and walks with a slight drift starboard, well, try that with a camera on your face. 

So, I'd been sitting there with the mom, who's delightful and patient, and we were going for that shot. You know the shot, with two delightful siblings smiling oh-so-happily at one another when, all at once, a chorus of angels alights upon you and for one brief instant, just the breath of the shutter, these children are nose-to-nose, eye-to-eye. With a little bit of magic, you've captured a greeting card.

Then the cake came out. And alas, these siblings, delightful though they were, suddenly had no intention of hearing the chorus of angels, and were more interested in jamming fists in one another's mouths. Still, I'll call this puppy a half-win. Next time, maybe we shoot before cake.