Woody Star

This is Woody Star. He's one of those personalities that collects relationships. He's an old timer, a gadabout, a vagabond, a wanderer, a goomba maybe? (Let it be known that I do not truck in circles which use the word goomba with any regularity, and now have been informed by my spell check that the word should be spelled gumbo. Since that's likely not it, and Woody is not in any way related to the mushroom people from Super Mario Brothers, I have to imagine that the accurate spelling should be Goombah, and may in fact be a derogatory term for friend. This, of course, confuses me even more. Why would you ever need a derogatory word for friend?)

In any case, I think the best way to describe what Woody does is hold court. He starts to talk, and people surround him. I have never really gotten close enough to one of these sessions to know what he's pitching, but I can tell you what he was pitching me in the one-on-one session immediately prior to this portrait: don't eat donuts because no matter what people tell you, there's no food in them. 

So, that's what Woody says. And now you know it, too.