You will never work it like I work it when I work it so good

Just over a year ago I spent a week with my dear friend Jim Beauprez on his bison ranch. It was my chance to hang with Jim, to take pictures of these amazing animals, and see a guy who really knows what work means. The upshot is that I learned, after just a short week, that I had no idea what work meant. I do, now.

I've done a legendarily bad job of publishing images from that trip, which I aim to rectify before this year is out. So look out for more buffies to come. This shot in particular moves me. Jim had taken me down to the pen where the big breeding bulls are kept. There were eight of them at the time, all eight kept apart from the remain 200 or so ladies of the herd.

The pen is far too small for eight big bison and two little people, but that's where Jim put us. Then he walked downhill, away from the gate, putting this animal uphill from us. No doubt makes for an intimidating downhill stare, but I'm not kidding when I say these things are terrifying. They're smart, and crazy, with the energy of a puppy and 1,700 pounds of solid muscle.

I managed to catch a few shots of these things at play. They'll be coming soon.