This poem in the folksong 乐府 style evokes the sensory pleasures of childhood and the seasons through which these classmates have journeyed to fifth grade. The last lines foretell their upcoming Capstone trip, and also the new paths they will take when they part ways come spring. 

今晓日兼雨  Today at dawn, there was sun along with rain,
土芳当脚脏  The earth is fragrant, and it’s fitting that my feet are dirty.
故乡隔天末  My hometown lies beyond the edge of the sky,
异客应爽心  The foreigner should have a cheerful heart.


Photography, art and set direction:  Pete Wright
Calligraphy: Yin Ping Tong
Poem selection, art direction, talent wrangling: Heather Clydesdale
Art and Set Direction, Talent Wrangling: Kira Wright
Fountain of Patience: Hong Shentu
Hand Models: Chinese Fifth graders

Sun and Rain is a three-panel triptych prepared on a unique acryllic mount. There are no frames, allowing these precious hands to simply float together on your wall. 

Sun and Rain was originally offered for auction to support The International School fundraising. The school is no longer making the series available for order. 

Each individual panel is 15" x 10"; finished hanging size approximately 15" x 32" if hung in portrait orientation, or 47" x 10" if hung landscape.